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    Cannot compile only modified JSP in Linux (not Timestamp pro

    Kammau Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am using
      JBoss version:

      I have checked the timestamp of the .jsp file and the .class file, the .class file is more recent than the .jsp file.

      And then, I discovered that every time the compiler would compile all the JSP which are in docroot sub directory. (i.e. docroot/xxx/yy.jsp)
      However, if the JSP are in docroot directory, the compile can detect whether it is modified or not, and compile only modified JSP.

      Then I try to compile in Windows platform. I still distribute the jsp files in different subdirectory inside docroot, but the compiler put all the .class files inside a directory say jsp_servlet(named by myself) without subdirectory, this make the compiler can distinguish which files are modified and only compile the modified one. But in Linux platform, the .class files are put inside subdirectory in jsp_servlet folder.

      I want to remain the file structure in Linux because I have so many .jsp files. I dun want to put them into a single directory.

      What can I do to fix the compiler to compile only modified JSP?

      Thank you!