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    Jboss 3.0/Tomcat 4.1/Linux crash

    Weston Aiken Newbie

      Ive installed JBoss-3.0.3_Tomcat-4.1.12 bundle on RedHat Linux 7.2. Im using jdk1.3.1_05.

      Ive deployed a simple WAR with a few JSPS that do nothing but render HTML (no classes, no db, no file I/O, nothing...yet) just to test the install.

      It looked ok at first and then after some very light hits to the JSP pages, the server started giving a 'too many files open' error and the whole OS would come to a grinding halt. I couldnt even run ls. I check my file-max and its set to 8192. The server has 512mb.

      After watching top while hitting the JSP's, it showed java processes hogging up to 90% of the cpu and memory...and obviously after a minute or two of that...see ya. This happen when one person (me) refreshed a JSP page a dozen or so times.

      I reverted back to JBOSS 2.4 and Tomcat 4.0 bundle and it had no problems.

      If anyone has seen this with 3.0 or can give any insight, please do! Maybe its the jdk version??


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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          This may be the change from Jasper1 to Jasper2 - I have upped my
          ?/proc/fs/fs-max? (something like that) with Jetty, which has
          upgraded to this Jasper in 3.2beta.

          Try taking the Jasper jars from the earlier version of TC and using
          them with the newer version.

          Jasper2 uses Ant to do all it's on the fly compilation.

          This apparently works much better !!!

          On-the-fly compilation is, IMNSHO, purely a useful development feature
          and anyone using it in production is asking for trouble. For
          production, you should precompile. In development, try the older
          version of Jasper, or up your max-fds and grit your teeth.

          Come back to the forum and let us know whether this is the problem. If
          it is, someone should really raise a bug against Jasper.

          If it isn't, I apologise to the Jasper team for my slanderous
          allegations ! :-)


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            Weston Aiken Newbie

            thank you for your quick reply...i will definitely try it and let you know what happens.