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    Setting Web app MBean properties

    Pat McCormick Newbie

      When I set a property in the Domain jboss.web in any context but lets say the /jmx-console context (everyone has this one) and click the apply button the JBoss console has this message:

      14:07:59,060 WARN [jbossweb] WARNING: ClassPath should not be set for WebApplication
      14:07:59,060 WARN [jbossweb] WARNING: classpath set while started
      14:07:59,092 WARN [jbossweb] WARNING: ResourceBase should not be set for WebApp
      14:07:59,092 INFO [jbossweb] setStatsOn true for WebApplicationContext[/jmx-con
      14:08:02,170 INFO [jbossweb] Registered jboss.web:Jetty=0,HttpContext=0,context=/

      Now besides these messages all the previously deployed webapps cannot be accessed. For the jmx-console the error is:
      HTTP ERROR: 404 /jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor Not Found

      But I get context not found on the other webapps as well. Anyone have any directions on this? This JBoss install is pretty much download and start.


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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          It looks like every attribute is having it's value [re]set, rather than just the one that you changed.

          Whether this is a problem in jmx-console, or JettyMBeans need to ignore having current values reset on them needs to be investigated.

          I will put it on my list.


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            Julian Gosnell Expert

            OK, I've tried this.

            It looks as if the jmx-console code is not bothering to check which items you have changed, but is simply resetting every writeable with the value held in the page.

            Some of Jetty components have attributes that are only writeable before the component is start()-ed. Hence the warnings.

            I would prefer that jmx-console cached and compared the values that it was using, but it looks as if Jetty is deciding correctly what to do.

            I guess you will just have to live with the warnings, now that you know why they are being given, or persuade whoever writes the jmx-console app to set attributes a little more sparingly.

            If this actually breaks any Jetty behaviour, let me know and I will look into it.