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    Eclipse / Jboss3: trouble setting Breakpoint in JSP

    Keith Dragon Newbie

      Does anyone know how to set breakpoints with eclipse, in a jsp with Jboss and its embedded
      Jetty or Tomcat server?

      I am using the lomboz plugin and everything else seems to work fine. I can
      build, deploy and run web and enterprise applications with my current set

      I am only interested in developing and testing j2ee applications with this
      set up.

      I am using: jboss-3.0.1_tomcat-4.0.4, but would be happy to switch to jboss
      + jetty, or any other recent release of Jboss3xx. I would also consider any
      other free j2ee server / servlet server combination.

      Jboss with integrated Tomcat does not use tomcat's server.xml file, so any
      suggested changes to server.xml, will not help me, and I do not know of an
      alternative mechanism.

      Would the Sysdeo Tomcat patch fix this, even though I am using tomcat thru
      jboss? How is the patch applied? There are no instructions or documentation
      with the patch.

      The problem seems to be:
      - Eclipse can't point to files outside of the project directory.
      - Jboss integrated with Tomcat ignores server.xml, so you can't configure a
      context to put the context's compiled jsp's in your eclipse project
      directory (as described in the lomboz tutorial)
      - When you copy a compiled jsp to eclipse, and then refresh, eclipse
      indicates errors (also described in the lomboz tutorial)

      From the lomboz tutorial:
      Tomcat & JBOSS
      We need to setup Tomcat so that the java files resulting from jsp
      compilation are deposited into the 'j2src' directory.
      To do this edit tomcat server.xml (<TOMCAT_HOME>\conf\server.xml) file and
      set your application context like this:
      The following assumes that your project is located under
      c:\eclipse\workspace. You will have to change this to the proper path for
      your Eclipse workspace.

      Tomcat 4 and JSP in project subdirectories
      Generated servlets for JSP cannot be compiled by Eclipse because the package
      definitions do not take into consideration the URI paths for JSPs. The
      package is always org.apache.jsp.
      Fixes :
      Install Sysdeo Tomcat 4.x patch which cane be downloaded fromwww.sysdeo.com
      Or you can use Tomcat 3.3, which has friendly package definitions.