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    jBoss+Tomcat+dependency JARs

    Tai Le Newbie

      I had a servlet developed in previous version of log4j, xalan.jar, and xerces.jar (i'm not sure with version, but the file size are about: log4j=126KB, xalan=687KB, xerces=1,465KB).
      I run OK under Tomcat4.1.12 standalone version (What I did was to put all these jar files under WEB-INF\lib folder). When deployed with jBoss (I copy the whole folder to deploy/default), the servlet is deployed OK, but when I calll the servlet, I got error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError.
      I think jBoss use newer version of these jar files above. How do I solve this problem in jBoss without modify my servlet code at the moment (again, It works with Tomcat4.1.12 standalone version!, but not under jBoss3.0.3_Tomcat4.1.12 bundle)? What did I do wrong in the deployment of the servlet?
      -- Thanks.