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    Telnet Servlet

    Joel Schuster Newbie

      I was wondering if anyone knew of a TelnetServlet. Similar to a HttpServlet, just handling a telnet session instead. Also, if you don't know of actual code, do you know what it would take to implement one in JBoss. Or for that matter just some sort of Bean code for any application server.

      Right now I have my own threaded socket server that then creates clients to my Session and Entity Beans. I'd like to allow JBoss's optimised session/connection handling instead of relying on my own code so I can focus on Business Logic.

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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          please clarify :

          servlets are [generally] used to isolate and deploy code involved in the presentation of data in HTML (or similar markups) over HTTP.

          How would your TelnetServlet fit this scenario ?

          Are you not just describing a telnet server written in Java ?


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            noam Newbie

            You can convert your stand-alone socket server to be an MBean packaged in a .sar file. This way the server runs in the same JVM as JBoss as can all it's services. But you still have to handle things like thread pooling by yourself.