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    Redundant session from jetty for VBA/ActiveX request

    L G Newbie

      Solaris 8
      M$ Excel v9.0

      I'm doing some Excel report downloading through ActiveX, such that I'm having Excel read content served from our web application for reports. Some state info needs to be kept around, so I've been including the jsessionid in the URL Excel uses.

      This works fine under Tomcat 4.0.x and jboss/jetty on Windows NT, but for some reason jetty seems to be ignoring this on Solaris and creates a new session for the Excel request which breaks this approach, since the state info is now gone.

      I noticed by looking at the TCP traffic that Excel is actually doing an "HTTP OPTIONS" for the request and then repeating the request with an "HTTP GET". The first request is what actually returns the sessionid to set it in the cookie for Excel (but only on Solaris). I'm unfamiliar with "OPTIONS" and am researching if this could relate to the prob.

      Has someone else had a similar issue or have some leads? I'm running out of ideas and would appreciate any help.