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    JBoss Application on SSL?

    manoj Newbie

      Hi JBosses:

      I have configured my Apache+SSL and I checked it using https://www.kithany.com - it works fine.

      I also have a small Application which contains JSP + Servlets + JBoss + Tomcat which calls Oracle DB via JDBC. This application is working when I type http://www.kithany.com:8080/kithany/index.jsp but when I try HTTPS as https://www.kithany.com:8080/kithany/index.jsp it does'nt work - ie page does'nt shows up.

      I know that HTTPS listens to port 443 and my Application(Tomcat+JBoss) listens to port 8080 - so how do I integrate both the ports to work together? Any usefule information on above is appreciated.