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    Possible bug w/ custom tags and JSP

    Sloan Seaman Newbie

      I have a custom tag like so:
      <render:render template="../../../global/comment/commentShow.jsp">
      <render:put key="BGCOLOR" value="<%=bgColors[bgColorIdx]%>"/>
      <render:put key="COMMENT" value="<%=comment%>"/>
      <render:put key="REPLY_LINK" value="/leaguecentral/lc/schedule/comment/commentReply.jsp?eventId=<%=eventId%>&parentId=<%=comment.getCommentId()%>"/>

      The <%=%> does not seem to get replaced for my REPLY_LINK variable. All of the others seem to work fine.

      Also, when testing, I put two seperate <%=%>'s in the value field for one of my variables and the JSP blows up. If I have one <%=%> it works fine.

      Is this a bug in Jboss' JSP engine?