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    Define <Context> in JBoss with Tomcat bundle

    B. Adji Maharyatno Newbie

      Hi ....

      Pardon if this question had asked before -- somehow...
      I'm looking way to define <Context ...> in JBoss with Tomcat Bundled (version used - JBoss 3.0.4 with Tomcat 4.0.6). The result should be similar to what can be achieved in standalone Tomcat: define separate docBase for each context.
      Currently I always deploy to JBoss, either Jetty or Tomcat bundled, using WAR format. However, I found this option restrict me further updates to WAR content.
      - upload file to WAR content (somewhere under WEB-INF)
      - upload wsdd to Apache AXIS 1.0 -- it doesn't seem to permanently saved in server-config.wsdd.

      Thanks in advance.