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    dinamic jsf components

    Adrian Iacob Newbie

      Example I want to create a dynamic number of columns and I have successfully created a dynamic number of columns my example is
      http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5151568&tstart=0 (reply 9).

      Now I took the next step and I want to use ajax4jsf and I want, for example a list of possible datatables (each with their own list of columns) and the selected datatable rendered in the right. When the user clicks on an item on the list the datatable should be ajax like rerendered. NOW is the problem : using the reRender I get the same jsf component tree: If the default selected databable had 3 columns and I select a databable with a different number of columns. the datatable will still have 3 (If I refresh the page I get the new number of columns)

      I need to know if I can change the jsf compoment tree using ajax and reRender!