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    catalina container locking up on startup

    Scott Sirdevan Newbie

      When I deploy a war file my web container locks up. It never gets past the "Loading container servlet invoker"
      I put debug statements in the init method and they show up. I'm using jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12
      If I deploy other war files they work fine. Is their any way to turn on some additional debugging to see what it is locking up on?

      11:13:52,590 INFO [Engine] ContextConfig[/portal]: Added certificates -> reques
      t attribute Valve
      11:13:52,637 INFO [EmbeddedCatalinaService41] Using Java2 parent classloader de
      legation: true
      11:13:52,637 INFO [Engine] StandardManager[/portal]: Seeding random number gene
      rator class java.security.SecureRandom
      11:13:52,637 INFO [Engine] StandardManager[/portal]: Seeding of random number g
      enerator has been completed
      11:13:52,684 INFO [Engine] StandardWrapper[/portal:default]: Loading container
      servlet default
      11:13:52,762 INFO [Engine] StandardWrapper[/portal:invoker]: Loading container
      servlet invoker