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    JSP wont compile in Jetty

    Charlene Newbie


      I'm trying to get a simple jsp to work in Cocoon 2.0.3
      deployed in Jetty (JBoss3.0.3/JBossWeb)

      But I cannot get the jsp to display/compile (it is
      even just pure HTML content at the moment!!)

      In the log I can see the following:
      class org.apache.jsp.test$jsp must be declared
      abstract. It does not define java.util.List
      getIncludes() from class
      public class test$jsp extends HttpJspBase {

      It -does- work ok with the JBoss3.0.3/TomCat4.1.12
      bundle however.

      Also, I deleted javax.servlet.jar and replaced it with the tomcat bundle's classes, jasper-*.jar and servlet.jar and this worked!

      Has anyone got JSP working oky in Jetty (with Cocoon)?