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    Application/Session context - SSO

    Erik Sliman Apprentice

      In JBoss 2.4-Tomcat, I had two applications that worked together, deployed in two JARs, with the JSPs and client java classes together in a single web root that Tomcat pointed to.

      In JBoss 3.0.4, I now deploy the two client portions in WAR files to JBoss.

      However, the user session information used to span both applications, meaning the user could sign onto either application, and then access both signed in. Now, however, they have to sign into each application, eliminating the Single Sign On (SSO) effect.

      Their login data is stored in the HttpSession session object, so it appears as though this is then stored in the application context, which is no longer shared by both applications.

      Is there a way to store user session data in a "global" context for all JBoss applications?