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    hot deployment

    tom jansto Newbie

      morning folk,
      i am running jboss 2.4.4 with tomcat 3 and apache 1.3.26. mod_jk.conf contains

      JkMount /application/servlet/* ajp13
      JkMount /application/toys/*.jsp ajp13

      <Location "/WEB-INF/">
      AllowOverride None
      deny from all

      web.xml looks like:





      application.xml looks like:



      the problem is thath i can't hit the jsp pages deployed in the ear. i get a 404 error. the mod_jk log shows the uri properly, but it doesn't get the file opened. the file doesn't exist on the file system itself, but is contained in that path relative to the WEB-XML root in the war. (hitting http://mybox/application/toys/MIELogin.jsp) throws a 404, but in the war, the path the to the file is /WEB-INF/application/toys/MIELogin.jsp.

      any ideas, on how to get this to work?