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    Fastest? Jetty or Tomcat

    Greg Newbie


      Which current version of JBoss 3 is fastest? i.e. The version that ships with Jetty, or the Tomcat version?

      Our usage includes running J2EE apps with web + ejb modules. The web modules include JSP pages + a cocoon app.

      We're also anticipating quite a few users, maybe 1000+ and so i'm interested in peoples' experience with JBoss running under reasonable load.

      Dev Environment: Windows 2000, JDK1.4.1_01
      Prod Environment: Solaris


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          Joel Vogt Master

          If your expecting 1000+ hits then the best thing to do will be to download them both and see which one wins. From my experience the time spent isn't really in the servlet container anyways.
          If in doubt though, jetty is the one to go with.

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            Julian Gosnell Expert

            For Jetty, you will get best results if you build from CVS, as I have recently refreshed this with the latest and greatest - Jetty-4.2.4. This has been thoroughly optimised over the Jetty-4.1 series, which will be in your 3.0.x release.

            If CVS is not your scene, let me know and I will mail you a copy of the latest .SAR to play with.