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    RedHat 8 Apache help

    Ben Newbie

      does anyone know how to compile mod_jk2 for redhat 8 bundled apache?

      i can't find the apache/bin for the compilation.

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          SimonB Newbie

          I just spent the whole afternoon trying to get this thing to compile. At the end of it we have the JBoss/Tomcat working through Apache.

          We had to download the Tomcat source (at least I think we needed it), the Tomcat-connector source (where jk lives). Then you have to get "ant" to work. Then it starts looking for the Apache source in /usr/src/redhat/BUILDS. We tried installing the Apache source RPM and rebuilding but it just deleted the source out of /usr/src/redhat/BUILDS when it had finished. Solution? I just hit CTRL-C while the RPM source was compiling. Ha!

          To cut a long story short we have been through absolute hell to bring you the attached file. Merry Christmas!

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            SimonB Newbie

            The module was compiled on Redhat 8.0, cpu=i686, Apache version was httpd-2.0.40-11 (the latest current update from Redhat).

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              Ben Newbie

              Thank you very much, sblandford. I will try it out on my machine.

              Happy New Year, and thanks again.