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    JBoss and SSL

    Andrzej Roszkowski Newbie


      I have to configure JBoss to work with HTTP and HTTPS with 2 different ways.
      one HTTPS port have to accept connections with client certificate, the other one not. How to do this, or better way, haw to request for client certificate per file (directory, resource etc.) ie. /access/noclientcert and /access/requiredclientcert.


      Andrew, Merry Christmas Everyone ;)

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          Paul Newbie

          The 3.0 Getting Started guide has examples in both Jetty and Tomcat of how to set up multiple connectors (one SSL the other not). You could even set up multiple SSL connectors, one requiring client certificate the other not.

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            Dietmar Scheidl Newbie


            I have a similar problem. I am using JBoss 3.0.4 with Tomcat and try to get Client Certificates working.

            Server Certificates are working fine. But if I set clientAuth = "true" nothing changes. I can still access the web pages although I do not have any client certificate installed in my browser.

            What do I get wrong?