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    JSP won't compile - JBuilder7/JBoss3/Tomcat4

    Judi Smith Newbie

      Hello all:

      I've been trying to set up a development environment. I'm using a Mac, JBuilder 7 Enterprise, JBoss 3.0.4/Tomcat 4.1.12.

      I'm just trying to get a very simple JSP - one generated by default by JBuilder to run. All I get is the following error message:

      "test.jsp": Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/jasper/JspC

      I have the JAVA_HOME env variable set. I can run the JMX Console just fine. Not sure if I'm missing something in JBuilder or what. Any pointers would be appreciated.


      Oh, just in case I missed something, I've been searching the forums for hours to see if I could find the solution.