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    JSP Compilation Error

    Srivatsan Newbie

      JSPs are not getting compiled when they refer any classes present in jars that are deployed after the JSP deployment.
      For eg., I have A.ear and B.ear. A.ear has a war which contains a jsp. B.ear contains an ejb jar.
      Now if I deploy A.ear and then B.ear, the jar present in the B.ear is not available in classpath for compiling the jsp present in A.ear.

      When I looked in to the source of EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX, the code gets all the jars that are present in the UnifiedLoaderRepository and then adds them to the classpath of the war context. This process is done during deployment of the war. So anything deployed after the war is not available in the classpath of the war for compiling its JSPs.