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    Jetty + webdav

    Olli Newbie

      Has anyone been successful using Slide under Jetty?

      It works fine under Tomcat, but under Jetty subdirectories are shown as files. I tested with several clients.

      Are there any special configurations that must be done to Jetty (or Slide)? I have disabled both default-servlet and directory-browsing in Slide's web.xml. Otherwise my configuration is exactly same with both servers.

      I use newest Jboss bundles available. Slide is latest cvs version.

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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          Jetty-4.2.4 is now in JBoss cvs and I believe there will be 3.0 and 3.2 release out very shortly.

          You should try with this Jetty (either build from cvs or wait for the releases). If you still have a problem, please take it to jetty-discuss@yahoogroups.com, where I'm sure the subject has come up before...


          If you let me know what resolution you finally reach I will include something in the Jetty/JBoss FAQ if necessary.



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            Olli Newbie

            I decided not to use Slide because of its requirements as content repository. The directory problem I asked about was only a problem with Slide 2.0 beta.

            Tomcat's webdav servlet seems to be integrated with Tomcat's DefaultServlet, so I guess it would have to be ported to Jetty to make it usable. If I have some spare time I could look into that.

            So, unfortunately it seems that there is no usable WebDAV implementation available for Jetty right now :(

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              Julian Gosnell Expert

              Look in the FAQ I just posted for the Jetty mailing lists and their urls. Search/post jetty-discuss - I am sure we have people using WebDav.

              If you have any success, post back here and I will put your answers into the FAQ.


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                klutus Newbie

                I deployed the davenport (sourceforge) wedav implementation / SMB connector. Installation and applicaiton are working fine, some other issues have appeared though concerning MS webfolders.

                // Jan