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    session often loss

    yaorong Newbie

      My server is jboss-3.0.3_tomcat-4.1.12.

      In test1.jsp, I write <% request.getSession().setAttribute("aaa","1111111111111111");%>
      In test2.jsp, I write <%=request.getSession().getAttribute("aaa")%>.

      First, I execute, then I visit, everything is OK. The screen displays 1111111111111111, but I visit http://localhost:8080/test2.jsp, null appears in the screen.

      And I find session often losses, it's a nightmare! I check session-timeout(30 minutes) in web.xml and cookies(true) in tomcat41-service.xml, can't find any hints.

      Could you please give me help? If the version is not stable, I will revert the lower version.