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    Don't supporting chinese problem

    qilunhuan Newbie

      Hi all
      I am chinese user,first introduce my environment: Window 2000, Mysql4.0.5 (beta version),Jboss3.0.4.
      My java object is deployed under server\default\lib(*.jar),webapp is deployed server\default\deploy(*.war).when i started jboss server,then open IE,it's OK.but when i insert a record into db or Query from db on IE ,it's not supporting chinese.

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          Xavier Cho Newbie

          It depends on your charset settings of JSP pages and database. First, check to see if it shows chinese characters correctly when you change character encoding of your browser. If it doesn't, check if charset attribute value of page directive matches the actual encoding of the JSP file. If you find only text read from dabase are garbled, then you should encode the string yourself like "text = new String(text.getBytes("EUC-KR"), "8859_1")", or try changing the default charset of your dbms.

          The easiest way to support i18n is use UTF-8 encoding everywhere. It saves you from manual encoding hassle and also provide greater flexibility.

          Hope this might help you.