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    Problem about 404 error.

    kammi Newbie

      Recently, I found some problems with my web application running on Jboss3.0.0-tomcat4.0.3, and I had configured apache1.3.24 to be the web server with mod_jk(version 1).
      My web applications can often run properly for weeks, but after some hours idling(no visitors, no request), then someone login, the web application will report 404 error.

      I've check the log, no redeployment, no reboot, no hack-attack,and I've trace the log for org.jboss.web, and found that, The request was processed properly in servlet, and ejb, status in localhost_accessXXXXXX.log is 200, but access.log of apache is 404.

      This problem can not be triggered manually, it will occurred one day to more than ten days after the server reboot, so I can not do more test except logging everything.

      btw, I've closed tomcat's 8080 port, so I can not say tomcat is all ok, it's the problem of apache.
      Apache seems all ok, and none-jsp page is showed properly, I guess it's mod_jk, or ajp_connector's faults.

      If someone has some experience of this problem or similar problem, pls do me a favor, tell me why?