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    serving jsps and classes from multiple locations with Jetty

    Steve Buikhuizen Newbie

      I'm using jboss 3.0.4 and the bundled jetty server.

      I am converting from using Resin as our servlet container. I can make wars work in live deployment but I'm stuck getting the development config set up.

      We have a webapp that, in development, uses jsps and classes from more than one location in our cvs repository. Thus I'm faced with two questions.

      1/ How do I specific more than one ResourceBase for the context I add in the jboss-service.xml so that I can serve jsps, images, and other files as required.

      2/ How do I make classes and jars from different locations available to my context?

      Has anyone made this work. I've tried creating an expanded war dir in the deploy dir but because I'm using win2k, I cannot do this with links like I would in unix.

      Any suggestions?