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    Is WAR delpoyment possible without .war exension?

    Narendra Khatri Newbie

      I know that you can deploy web applications in JBOSS by droppng the myapp.war file in deploy directory or by dropping the exploded directory myapp.war in deploy direcotry.

      I would like to know whether it is possible to deploy the web application without the directory name ending with .war and just name it myapp.

      The reason is that I would like to server static content from Apache. I could achieve this goal by changing the DocumentRoot to point to myapp.war but for many historic reasons, I can not change the DocumentRoot.

      I would really appreciate if someone could please help me out with this. I am using default URLDeploymentScanner. I tried commenting that and tried using URLDirectoryScanner, but when I do that, I get tons of errors.