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    Context problem at JBoss-Catalina-Apache

    Bentzy Sagiv Newbie

      I have succesfully installed jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12 & apache_2.0.43.
      I create(from Java Server Programming J2EE edition - WROX) a simple servlet & XML file as following:


      I succesfully compile it: ...\greeting>jar -cf greeting.war

      When I copy the war file to C:\jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12\server\default\deploy I see at the console that everything is OK.

      My index.html file points to:

      I can see the HTML file at http://localhost:8080/greeting/index.html
      but when I click submit I read:
      The requested resource (/greeting/servlet/GreetingServlet) is not available.

      Your help will be deeply appreciated.