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    structs with xdoclet

    Ben Newbie

      hello all,

      does anyone know how to use xdoclet to auto generate the web.xml file for struts framework.


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          Sicko Newbie

          well i got the following ant task for it to generate them, but the files stay empty..
          Maybe the @jbossweb tag is needed, but i cannot find any documentation about it :/



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            Jochen Cordes Novice

            Hi !

            Here's how I did (I assume you're using Struts 1.1, but for 1.0 it should be nearly the same):

            <!-- include your files -->

            Put a servlets.xml containing struts action-servlet into ${ejbdoclet.merge.dir}. It will be included in your web.xml. I think that was rather easy ;-).