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    How to integrate JBoss components into Apache ?

    Ed Jorn Newbie


      I am a newbie to servers in general but i am trying to use apache for a J2ee needing site. However apache's support for J2ee in turbine is not too great and i need Apache to be the WebServer so i can use all its modules and everything. I know that you can integrate the two servers one on top of the other but i don't want to do this as it gives great headaches over speed etc. I also want a native apache solution for reasons which i won't go into now. so is there any way to integrate all the J2ee components from JBOSS (EJB container, JMX, JDBC, JMS, JTA, JSP, Servlet engine, and all the others) directly into apache. or is there another way to provide this functionality dirctly in apache ?