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    Please Help!!! Packaging a web application

    Joyce Stack Newbie


      I have a servlet acting as my client which will make a call to a stateless session bean. This session bean will in turn call an entity bean to just retrieve some information from the database.

      So do I package the Session Bean stuff into one ejb-jar file, the entity bean into another. I have also my jboss-jdbc.xml file and my jboss file in this entity bean jar file. ?

      Is it just a matter of simply deploying both of these? Where do I put my Jsp that invokes my applet which in turn calls the servlet.?

      Please help,


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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          I normally likes to have each EJB in each own jar (with some exceptions). Another way to do it is to have only one jar for all EJBS. The sample application coupled with the getting started docs for the 3.0 series seems to do it that way. The coupling between two EJB's gets slightly simpler that way too.

          The servlets and JSP's goes into a WAR file.

          Any support classes goes into own jar file(s).

          I want to collect them in an ear although I don't think that is strictly necessary with JBoss.

          If you are just starting I think that your best bet is to get the sample application and follow that structure for your own development, then you have the build structure and everything ready to use.