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    serious problem with jboss 3.0.4 tomcat 4.1.12 bundle

    Fabrice Dewasmes Newbie

      HI all !

      It seems that some mistakes have been made while packaging the jboss 3.0.4 tomcat 4.1.12 bundle.

      - In the all config, we should have axis working, but it seems that it doesn't work : the config files are written for jetty and so does axis work with jetty.

      - In the all config, ther's a jbossweb-ejb.rar, that is apparently written for jetty. why does we find this in the tomcat bundle ?

      - at last, it seems impossible to make the /admin context (jmx administration) work within the bundled tomcat. I guess this is due to some conflicts with the existing JMX microkernel. What's wring ??