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    Reading HTML written to HttpServletResponse

    Scott Cutts Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      I am currently converting a (old) webapp from Websphere to JBoss and am stuck changing the following Websphere specific code:

      //imported from com.ibm.websphere.servlet.response,
      //implements HttpServletResponse
      StoredResponse response = new StoredResponse();

      //created response is then passed into JSP handler
      //html content is retrieved for some caching which is
      String htmlContent = response.getOutputBufferAsString();

      So all I need is a way to read the HTML that has been written to a response. I can't find any current method to solve this in JBoss/Jetty and short of wrapping the HttpServletResponse myself there doesn't seem to be an easy way. Does anybody know a better way?


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          Achilleus Mantzios Newbie

          Right, currently the only thing one can do is only either forward or
          redirect using the *passed* servletRequest,servletResponse.
          If there was a way to obtain a new instance of SevletResponse, ReslvletRequest
          it would be easy to programmatically call, and read output for any servlet,jsp.

          Right now the only option is java.net package which is really a lousy
          way of accessing resources within a server, since it is really tricky
          when it comes to Form-based authentication.

          Suppose you want to run a program based on Lucene from a servlet
          witin the ServletContext that we want to index.
          Why on earth should some one go over the authentication process
          just to access resources *in* the same ServletContext??

          I think jetty maybe should provide a similar mechanism to the one
          that WebLogic, WebShere provide.

          Concluding, i think that 2 features should be added

          a) FormBasedAuthenticator extends java.net.Authenticator
          b) SessionBasedHttpUrlConnection extends java.net.HttpUrlConnection
          this should provide cookies capability in order to store the session id.

          StroredResponse implements javax.http.ServletResponse
          StroredRequest implements javax.http.ServletResquest

          1) is needed to easily access Form-Based protected resources from
          programs based on java.net package (programs running outside
          the servletContext of the data they access)
          2) Is needed to easily access servlets/jsps from any program
          whithin the servletContext, and do more than include/redirect.

          Any volunteers ?? :)

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            Peter Doornbosch Apprentice

            I think you can replace the HttpServletResponse by your own (wrapper) in a servlet filter; then you could implement that stored-response stuff in your wrapper....
            And that would work in any servlet container.