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    servlet path

    xai33 Newbie

      i installed the jboss, tomcat bundle. Anyway, the http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/index.jsp works fine, but if i use a url like http://localhost:8080/servlet/ I can't see the tomcat examples. Can someone explain to me the directory structure and the urls to the tomcat examples. I remember that when i had tomcat alone installed the structure was http://localhost:8080/servlet/examples/HelloWorldExample/ .... but I have no idea how to use that servlet container now. Any help is greatly appreciated. also if i wanted to see an simple html page, what dir do i put it in, jboss\server\default\deploy ??? that doesn't work.

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          Peter Doornbosch Apprentice

          A standard JBoss doesn't have the tomcat examples installed, i think.
          If you want to see a simple html page, the quickest way is to put it in a .war file and drop that .war file in the deploy directory.


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            xai33 Newbie

            ok, so can I draw from this that when Jboss is used with tomcat, the jboss deploy directory makes the tomcat webapp directory obsolete. I could probably point a context at the webapp directory, but if the jboss directory has the tomcat functionality then its deploy directory is fine.