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    CSS not applied after launching an a4j:commandButton action

    Jan Verhamme Newbie

      Dear all,

      I had the following phenomenon during the use of an a4j:commandButton.
      When the action method associated with the a4j:commandButton was launched and when an error was send back by the action method, the CSS was no longer applied to my page.
      In the fault-console of my browser, Firefox I saw the following:

      Illegal Character
      Row 1
      And here a bunch of Chinese characters were shown

      Looking at this file around row 1 didn't show me much. In fact there were no characters on row 1 at all.

      Finally I decided to strip down my page and to start all over again. After some tests I came to the conclusion that my code in my action-method was correct. The big difference between a successfull and unsuccessfull test:
      a navigation rule located in the faces-config.xml. I removed the navigation-rule for the "failure" case and my CSS worked again.

      My question now: is this normal and if so couldn't a better error-message be shown?

      Kind regards