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    Strange session behaviour

    Dann Pool Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've recently been working on getting jboss clustered so that we can share the httpsession between two nodes in the default partition. I'm running the default server, and have put jbossha-httpsession.sar and the default clustering-services.xml into the folder (the only change being to ammend the multicast address to and the port to 5555). Both machines (running jboss-3.0.5/jetty) say that they are clustered.

      However, when I try and test that the httpsession is clustered by hitting a jsp page on one machine, and then seeing if that session is replicated by hitting the other machine, the test fails.

      However, multiple browsers from different machines hitting one of the nodes seem to share the same cookie ... so that the counter value (held in the session) counts up with a refresh from each seperate browser hit. Having checked the cookie when clustering is enabled it has no id, which it does have when clustering is disabled.

      So since I'm a little bit of a n00by to jboss, can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?