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    Session not working at 3.2.0 RC2

    Itamar Almeida de Carvalho Newbie

      I have just installed the JBoss 3.2.0 RC2.

      I have an application that works fine on standalone Tomcat and do heavy use of session attributes (all pages get or set something on the session).

      I put this application at JBoss and from the first to the second page it goes ok, but when I try to do any action, my session attribs are gone (null).

      I have read all threads about sessions on this forum, but it can't help me...

      I think about downloading 3.2.0 with Tomcat, but it's not available.

      I see 2 solutions for my problem:

      1) discover what's wrong and fix my session in Jetty

      2) put Tomcat on my JBoss, but I have little-to-no idea on how to do this - it's simple? (I don't think so)

      I don't know if there is something related, but when my application is deployed on JBoss (from a War file), the following message shows up:

      22:32:35,550 WARN [Manager] No Store. Falling back to a local session implementation - NO HTTPSESSION DISTRIBUTION

      I think it's only about sessions on clustering...

      And when the error occurs, the following show up:

      22:57:16,024 ERROR [SubscribingInterceptor] could not get AbstractReplicatedStore