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    Single Sign On Problem

    Shanmugam Palaniyappan Newbie


      I am using Jboss3+tomcat 4.0.3 setup and have enabled Single SignOn. I have a lot of applications running and want to store some session informations which are not dependent of any particular application. For example if I set the email Id of the user in one session(application), I want to access this in another session(application).

      Session sharing across applicationns is not possible. Therfore I have created my own object to maintain values across sessions. I this case i have cleanup problemns and so the so SSOID for creating the unique instance. In this case I can delete my object when the SSOID is destroyed.

      Everything works fine in tomcat. But if i run the same in Jboss, the session is not getting associated to the SSOID that is created for the very first time. This is because the setCache of AuthenticatorBase is set to false whereas in Tomcat it is true.

      Does the setCache necessarily be false. If yes do I have any alternative or can i achieve my requirement in some other way.