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    connection to database using java Beans

    yudan Newbie

      I have a problem connecting to the database.
      Until know i had a session connection, I made a java bean that implements HttpSessionListener, and open a new connection each time a new session starts, and close it when it ends.

      It didnt worked so good, and didnt always close the connections.
      another problem is that many sessions could not open simultaneously.

      I tried to use resin DBpool unsecssesfuly - I manage to connect to the database but the bean dosent hold the connection.

      I want to implement a bean (my db bean has a function - executeSQL that gets a string from the jsp page and returns a ResultSet).
      I would like to keep that structure, but with database pooling, I mean having a java bean that will hold handler to the database and can execute sql commands.

      can someone help me ?