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    deploy directory and re-compile jsp

    jerry_you Newbie


      I am trying to move our current application from Tomcat to JBoss/Jetty server,
      cause I keep hearing people talking about its better performance,but I
      have following questions:

      1,For some reason,We need to keep the directory of the webapp to be accessble
      for our program,like in tomcat, instead of deploying the .war file, we can also place
      the whole web directory under /webapps dir. But with the default configuration
      of Jboss, I noticed that the server only recognize .war file, and unpack the
      app to some temprory directories. How can I configure the jboss so that I
      can deploy webapp by directory instead of .war file?

      2, Our application server is scheduled to restart "every night" -- please
      don't ask me why, it is just an established policy. The problem is that
      everytime the server is restarted and .war is re-deployed, it always takes
      seconds to show the jsp when it is visited for first time even the jsp is not
      modified.It seems the server doesn't keep the compiled code.I may be wrong, but
      does jboss keep the compiled code of JSP somewhere like in Tomcat,
      in /work/statndalone/server/localhost/myapp ?