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    Filter question

    Erik Turesson Novice


      I am using jboss 3.06.
      I have a number of questions regarding jsps and filters. I am new to filters, have only used it once.

      My questions are:
      Does filters have any meassurable effect on the performance?
      Can ju apply more than one filter to a jsp page?
      What I am thinking of is the following.
      I would like to have one filter for collecting statistics for my site. But I do not whant every page to be in the statistics.

      Then I would like to have one filter for error handling. As it is now my jsps are accessing session beans. The beans throws a lot of exceptions. I call a generic errorhandling method that displays an error message for the user and then the servlet returns. My thought is to skip the try and catch things within the jsps and let a filter do it once and for all.

      The problem is that I do not whant the statistics and error filter to be applied to the same jsps. Some shall have both the filters and some just one of them. Can this be done?