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    Please someone correct me..(context and listener)

    nxn Newbie

      Ok let me see if I understand this. From going through the docs and reading quite a bit here it looks as if there is not a way to bind applications or contexts to specific IP:port combinations. In other words I can not do this
      app-01 context / virtual-host www.app01.com
      app-02 context /
      app-03 context / virtual-host www.app03.com
      app-04 context /app04
      app-05 context /
      app-06 context / virtual-host www.app06.com

      What would seem to happen is that the contexts are shared between all that listener:port combinations so I would see app-01 show up on just as I would see it on the address that I wanted it on in the first place. I would also see app-02 and app-05 conflict and only see app-02 no matter what root I went too since it is defined first.

      Can someone give me some pointers on how to set this up. Am I going to have to duplicate the deployment directory and manage it that way basically giving me multiple instances of JBoss. My goals are that of a service provider here and not really that of wanting a dedicated instance for each application.

      Cheers, -Nicholas