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    <%@ include file="header.jsp" %>

    andrewarrow Newbie

      Hello, I'm a long time Resin and Tomcat user. Just switched to JBoss and I'm very confused by <%@ include file="header.jsp" %>. I use this line all the time to include my header.

      Resin and Tomcat do not evaluate the header.jsp file and make sure it runs on it's own. But it seems JBoss wants to make sure the included file is a valid jsp file on it's own! So, my question is this... I have a variable defined in my header.jsp file like this:

      <% String spath = request.getServletPath(); %>

      I want to use this variable in another include file. With Resin or Tomcat I could just start using it. But JBoss will complain that it's not defined. If I define it again with the same name I'll get an error when the whole page is evaluated. So I'm forced to do:

      <% String spath2 = request.getServletPath(); %>

      This seems silly! Isn't there a way to include a file without JBoss making sure it's valid on it's own? I tried changing the extension to .inc vs .jsp but it didn't make any difference. Thanks.