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    ResourceBundle and Jetty

    Jason Carroll Newbie

      I'm having a very strange problem with using ResourceBundles in a war. If I create a package like cowsultants.itracker.web.resources and put in a class that accesses property files in that same directory by calling getBundle("cowsultants.itracker.web.resources.ITracker", new Locale("en", "US")) it works fine. However if I move the code (with no changes but the package name and the location of the bundle) and properties to something like cowsultants.itracker.resources or cowsultants.itracker.ejb.client.resources it can never find the property files anymore, and always throws a MissingResourceException. I have tried 4-5 locations several times, so I don't think I'm making any typos (at least not every time) and as soon as I move it back under the web directory it works fine. The only thing I can think is under cowsultants.itracker.web.servlets I have a bunch of registered servlets. Could this cause the web directory to (and subdirs) to be added to the classpath where the others aren't added? I'm at a loss, any ideas are welcome. I don't have anything special in web.xml, or in the manifest that I know of. If there is other information that might be helpful please let me know and I'll post it.

      This is on JBoss 3.0.6 with embedded Jetty.