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    Problem when using UserTransaction

    dchen1124 Newbie

      Hi, There:

      I have a problem to use UserTransaction in my servlet:
      I tried to use UserTransaction in one of my servlets, and when I deployed both my ejb and webapplication in one ear file on Jboss2.4.4-tomcat4.0.1(with Tomcat bundled), it seems work fine; however, when I deployed them separately on JBoss2.4.4 (without tomcat bundled), and Tomcat-4.0.3 respectively, it seems EJBs inside the UserTransaction did not get called at all (although there is no exception throws). And, when I removed UserTransaction in my servlet and again deploy them separately as above, everything works fine again.
      So, highly appreciated if anyone has some hints on this problem.

      Thanks a lot in advance