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    Are persistent HTTP sessions available in JBoss 3.2 ?

    jason pernthaller Newbie

      I notice that Tomcat 4.1 has a persistent session manager, but is is only experimental.
      And I see no such functionality in Jetty.
      Perhaps I am not looking in the correct place.
      Any advice is appreciated.


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          Jon Barnett Master

          JBoss doesn't really play much of a part with respect to persistent http sessions. So you will need to check with the various servlet containers.

          However, I don't believe there is any support in Jetty, and as you say, Tomcat's implementation is still experimental. You might try resin which is the only other servlet container that has a plug-in for JBoss. It is free for development and non-commercial use. And it supports persistent http sessions.

          Of interest may also be a performance measurement of servlet containers, http://webperformanceinc.com/library/ServletReport/.

          Finally, you may wish to consider session clustering, supported by JBoss as an alternative - giving 24x7 operation and perhaps circumventing the need for persistent sessions. Just a thought, depending on your requirements.