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    Deploy webapp (non-war) under jboss-tomcat bundle

    lycheel Newbie

      Hi, all,

      Sorry for this newbie question, but I couldn't seem
      to figure it out or find a definitive answer from the

      My question is : how to deploy a webapp under
      jboss-tomcat bundle without creating .war file.
      The reason that I don't want to use .war file is
      during jsp development, it is tedious to create
      .war file everytime you change a page.

      I tried to put tomcat examples webapp
      <Context docBase=...> tag inside
      JBOSS_HOME/server/tomcat/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat.sar/jboss-service.xml, but it seems not

      My platform is:jdk1.4 + jboss3.2.0-tomcat4.1.24

      PS. I saw people talk about 'tomcat41-service.xml',
      but it does not exist on my installation. Is there anything wrong?

      Thanks for your help


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          Jon Barnett Master

          Create a subdirectory in your deploy directory called Context.war, replacing Context with whatever you want your web application context to be - for example MyApplication.war would create a context called MyApplication.

          Under this subdirectory, unpack your WAR so it has the proper WAR directory structure e.g. WEB-INF with a web.xml file, lib and class directories and so forth.

          Whenever you make a change by placing a new file in this unpacked WAR directory, touch the web.xml (update the date and timestamp on the file) and JBoss will redploy your web application.

          tomcat41-service.xml no longer exists - it has been replaced by jboss-service.xml in the META-INF of the jbossweb-tomcat.sar. This unifies the view of the servlet container configuration, as it is the same for Jetty now. It just makes things less confusing.

          Contexts don't really work as JBoss is handling deployment in a manner of speaking.

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            lycheel Newbie


            Thanks for your help, I finally get tomcat examples to

            As you mentioned 'Context' deployment in this case is
            handled by JBoss, I can't help wondering wher should
            those 'context attributes' go. As tomcat 4.1.24 disabled symlinked webapps by default, we deploy
            our web apps like below to enable symlinnking.

            How should we do this in JBoss-tomcat bundle?



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              Jon Barnett Master

              Check your server/instance/conf/jboss-service.xml file. You can specify other directories to scan for deployment. Look for details just above these lines:


              Since you are not doing anything special with static resources, this configuration should meet your needs.