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    Jetty configuration

    Thomas Lauerbach Newbie

      I have some questiens about the configuration file jboss-service.xml of the JBossWeb (JBoss 3.0.7, Jetty).

      I have a web-application with about 150-250 concurrent users which are polling the server every 120s.
      When I have a look at the jmx-console on the SocketListeners is see that there are 180 Threads available, and about 20-40 are Ideling.
      I don't think that 160 requests are beeing used at the time I am looking at these numbers. How are these numbers created?
      From time to time i get problems accessing the server: IE is telling me that page is not Available or can't be displayed. I would guess that there arent any socketListeners available.
      What does lingerTime exactly mean?