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    Jboss-3.2.x/Jetty & DBForms-1.1.3 - sessions get lost

    Oliver Stetskamp Newbie

      Hi, I am currently trying to get a JDBForms-based application (http://jdbforms.sourceforge.net) working on JBoss; before that it worked nicely with a Tomcat.

      The application itself consists of some servlets and numerous JSPs, all bearing security constraints.

      My problem is: any link that is dynamically built via the JDBForms tag library seems to "forget" the user credentials. If I use hardcoded links to some URI, there is no problem.

      I have already tried cookies and URL rewriting.

      The phanomenon does not seem to be browser-related.

      Is there anybody else on this forum using JDBForms who has experienced such problems?

      Any hint is greatly appreciated.

      Best regards,