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    Apache or no Apache fronting JBoss Web?

    newbieonjboss Newbie

      Our current config is IIS - BEA WebLogic. From our experience on BEA, we found that the BEA HTTP Server was quite weak and couldn't scale as well as if we have IIS fronting it. IIS also does a better job
      at handling SSL etc..

      We are planning to migrate to JBoss 3.2.1 w/ Jetty as the HTTP Server. So the question is:

      Security issue aside (we have firewall / NAT fronting IIS currently), what's the pros and cons of using
      Apache fronting Jetty?

      Would you consider Apache a better HTTP Server (in terms of buffering request, handling loads, SSL) than Jetty?

      And if you are using Apache or are not using, I am trying to get a concensus as to how many and why one architecture is favored over another.