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    principal null

    caugustin Newbie


      I use jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12 with ldap authentication. It works fine, without causing problems. But if I put Apache in front of it, it also works fine, but it loses the principal. I've tested it, but I can't find any schema. It would not happen when I do the same actions twice, where the first test causes this problem and the second one would run fine. There's also no timeout, because this problem happens with different intervalls.

      I've looked for solving this problem some days, but now I've read the same pages many times without success. My main problem is, that I can not find a connection between the Apache and the Jboss-Security. Or is there a special configuration for this?

      Did somebody of you have the same, or nearly the same, problem? Please help.

      Thx Caroline